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The Corps of Discovery was the name President Thomas Jefferson gave to Lewis and Clark’s party as he commissioned them to find an east-west water passage to the Pacific Ocean over 200 years ago.  Their goal was to explore what lies around the next river bend, to seek out new life and new cultures, to boldly discover what had never been discovered before.

We are the Corps of Re-Discovery.  

We are husband and dad, John, wife and mother, Katie, and sons Eric, Nicholas and Joshua.  We have been home schooling our children all their lives and have thrived on adventures and exploration.  Although we did not coin the phrase we focused on “lighting the fire, not just filling the bucket” in our educational approach.

For 10 years we dreamed of traveling across the United States.  In the spring of 1998, we took our dreams more seriously and began planning (and constantly praying) to make our dream a reality.  After three years of hard work and sacrifice, we were able to realize our dream.  

We traveled through and learned about 47 of our 50 states as we taught our children the wonders God has given us in this country.  Our fourteen month journey in a 32 foot motorhome took us on much of the Lewis and Clark trail, the Oregon Trail and the Santa Fe Trail.  We explored over 20 state and national parks plus scores of local museums.  We followed the Mississippi River through seven states.  We explored the Pacific coast line from Cape Flattery in Washington State to Coos Bay in Oregon.  We dipped our toes in the historic Boston Harbor.

We immersed ourselves in the local culture and pastimes.  We took part in a lumberjack festival in Minnesota.  We sat along the Selway River as the Corps of Discovery did, under a full moon in Idaho.  We dug for clams in Oregon and Rhode Island.  We learned from several American Indians throughout the west.  We harvested fruit along pathways as the early inhabitants did (blueberries, blackberries, salal berries, huckleberries, apples, cherries).  We even got our feet wet as we harvested cranberries in a bog in eastern Washington state.

Always having a passion for teaching, this trip opened a new world for John.  As he learned about this magnificent country with our children, he felt called to share his experiences with others through on-stage dramatizations and one-on-one conversations.

Working together as a family, we have found and created great project kits to enrich your studies of American Indians, Frontiersmen and Pioneer Americans so you, too can "re discover" America.  With John’s creative flair and Katie’s quality control and procedure writing training, we are proud to offer high-quality engaging products with directions children can understand.  We want to help you inspire imaginations and create memories!

Our kits have made their way to schools, homes, churches, birthday parties, scout activities, and other events in every state of the union and many countries world-wide.  They can also be found at many historical and national park gift stores, teacher supply stores, and specialty shops around the country.

Please relax and enjoy our site.  We hope you will get as excited about this era of American History as we are.